Thursday, July 16, 2009

Leaving Petersburg

As we were loading onto the ferry in Petersburg we pulled out a camera and were able to get some photos of our journey onto the boat. This is a shot of the harbor from the ramp leading into the ferry.

Here we are starting to load onto the M/V Taku.

Here we are halfway down the ramp watching the car ahead of us load.

We are parked so that we will be the first ones off the boat in Wrangell. There were not very many vehicles on this ferry with us.

On this journey we travelled through the Wrangell Narrows, in some places the channel was only about 300 feet wide. There were over fifty channel markers the captain had to navigate through.

Our kayak group had a dinner planned for the night we got back, unfortunately we were only able to join them for a drink before dinner because we had to catch our ferry. As we traversed the narrows, we passed the restaurant and our group was waiting to wave at us on the ferry. We were able to see them with our binoculars, but I am not sure they were able to see us waving back. It was very sweet of them to wait till the ferry passed to wave us off on our journey.

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