Thursday, May 28, 2009

Internet !

We traveled North East along Highway 97, stopping to shop in Kelowna. We arrived at Revelstoke late in the afternoon. We have finally found a campground with working wireless internet!

We managed to do our laundry, empty our holding tanks and refill our fresh water. It has been an experience working with the small space of a class B motorhome. We are using packing cubes for our clothing as we have one small overhead compartment for all of our clothes. After our we completed our laundry - we rearranged a few things and now share a common sock bag. There are very few things we have found that needed to be changed. We had this trip in mind on most of our other adventures in the two years we have owned the "Bee", giving us plenty of opportunities to work out the logistics of packing and living together in a small space.

We are heading to Glacier and Yoho National Parks along Highway 1. We hope to stop in Golden tomorrow and then up to Banff National Park and North on Highway 93.

Fabulous Birding

We spent two nights at Okanagan Falls Provincial Park Campground.

This was the view of Lake Lascaux from McIntyre Creek Road where we spent the day birding. The road climbed through grassland with scattered Ponderosa pines up into a dry forest area.

Kris had a great experience birding. Kris' favorite birds included the Canyon Wren, Lazuli Bunting, Lewis Woodpecker, and the Calliope Hummingbird.

Back at the campground we enjoyed watching a Flicker Woodpecker pop in and out of her nest - a tree stump right next to our picnic table. There were lots of other birders staying at the campground. A steady parade of people with binoculars passed by our table along the path following the river. We also enjoyed seeing a Red Throated Grebe sitting on her nest on a dam in the middle of the river.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arrived in Canada !

Late Monday afternoon we arrived at the Canadian border. As we drove up there were no other cars around. We waited a few minutes for the officers to arrive to welcome us to Canada. However, we were surprised when we were turned around and told to return to the US because we were not allowed to carry firewood across the border. I thought I had researched the customs regulations thoroughly enough to get us across without any problems. We even ate our last apple just before we got to the border. The US Customs officials were kind enough to tell us about a nearby camp ground that would welcome our firewood - and clue us into the spot in Canada that folks on that side drop off their firewood. When we returned to the border we were the sixth vehicle in line now. Most of those ahead of us were returning Canadians so the wait wasn't terribly long. Less than 20 miles later we found our campsite for the night. A nice spot surrounded by Ponderosa Pines and circling White Throated Swifts. The bad news was that their internet connection was down. The next day we found a small cafe in town for a quick blog update.

Photo Update from Oregon

As we are traveling we are finding that we are encountering a large number of bug swarms. We have even had to stop and get a container of bug remover. We added this mixture to our windshield fluid reservoir and to a spray bottle. It has become a daily ritual to spend time scrubbing the windshield to scrape off all the bugs. This photo was from one of the first days showing the back of the side mirror after encountering several swarms around dusk.

Kris held the camera out and was able to get a photo of us both as we kayaked on the Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Weekend

It is now day 4 of our 90 day trip through Canada and Alaska. We spent the first weekend at the Rocky Point Resort on the Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Thankfully we arrived on Thursday and were able to get a campsite even though we had no reservations for this holiday weekend. We spent three days kayaking through National Wildlife Refuge on the lake. We even saw an eagle nesting in a tree just off shore. We are now in Bend Oregon at a Starbucks catching up on our internet. Photos and video to follow soon. We are hoping to cross into Canada on Tuesday. We will keep you updated as we go!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Packed and Ready To Go!

Tomorrow is the big day! The "Bee" is packed and almost ready to go. Amazing what we have been able to fit in for our THREE months on the road! We do need to store some things on the rack outside. Of course Kris decided last week we needed a bigger box to fit the inflatable kayak and all the related gear. So . . . she built a better box, added lights to the rack, and even managed to add a light for the relocated license plate (well she was doing it as I snapped the photos.) Last minute details are all that's left ! ! ! !