Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arrived in Canada !

Late Monday afternoon we arrived at the Canadian border. As we drove up there were no other cars around. We waited a few minutes for the officers to arrive to welcome us to Canada. However, we were surprised when we were turned around and told to return to the US because we were not allowed to carry firewood across the border. I thought I had researched the customs regulations thoroughly enough to get us across without any problems. We even ate our last apple just before we got to the border. The US Customs officials were kind enough to tell us about a nearby camp ground that would welcome our firewood - and clue us into the spot in Canada that folks on that side drop off their firewood. When we returned to the border we were the sixth vehicle in line now. Most of those ahead of us were returning Canadians so the wait wasn't terribly long. Less than 20 miles later we found our campsite for the night. A nice spot surrounded by Ponderosa Pines and circling White Throated Swifts. The bad news was that their internet connection was down. The next day we found a small cafe in town for a quick blog update.

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