Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabulous Birding

We spent two nights at Okanagan Falls Provincial Park Campground.

This was the view of Lake Lascaux from McIntyre Creek Road where we spent the day birding. The road climbed through grassland with scattered Ponderosa pines up into a dry forest area.

Kris had a great experience birding. Kris' favorite birds included the Canyon Wren, Lazuli Bunting, Lewis Woodpecker, and the Calliope Hummingbird.

Back at the campground we enjoyed watching a Flicker Woodpecker pop in and out of her nest - a tree stump right next to our picnic table. There were lots of other birders staying at the campground. A steady parade of people with binoculars passed by our table along the path following the river. We also enjoyed seeing a Red Throated Grebe sitting on her nest on a dam in the middle of the river.


deb said...

great photos!
Sounds like all is going well so far!!

North Bay Rowing Club said...

Ok, give it up Cheri, you photograph for National Geographic right???!!

Cheri Mathison said...

It was actually Kris who got the fabulous photo of the Flicker in flight. She does most of the photoshop editing too. But if you have a connection to National Geographic . . .