Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

Kris had so much fun on our kayak trip last week - she went on another adventure this week. The kayak company had some last minute openings and Kris decided to take advantage of one. She is off on the west side of Vancouver Island for another 6 day kayak trip. She took the Spot with her and is dutifully sending a locator twice a day for me to track her adventure. Having sent spot locators from several of our excursions - I am having fun reading between the beacons, so to speak. I can extrapolate that after she sent the signal from an island at their lunch break they probably paddled around several neighboring islands before returning to the camp where she sent another signal- even though the spot shows a straight line from lunch to camp.

I on the other hand am on the east side of Vancouver Island at the Salmon Point RV Park chilling for a week. That is if you can call 90 degree days chilling. I have use of a pool AND a hot tub to help me beat the heat. In all our travels this is the first RV park I have encountered with these amenities.

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deb said...

So glad you are both set up for a fun week. Enjoy the time....and the pool.
All love from foggy SF!