Monday, June 1, 2009


It is a bit of a challenge (for Kris - Cheri doesn't cook much) to cook a variety of meals on a two burner stove with a limited amount of cookware. We have a cook set with three pots that nestle together and their lids double as pans. We did dedicate the space to bring a fair sized frying pan whose handle folds into itself to conserve space. Kris choose her spices and we found stacking/attached containers that each hold a fair amount of spices.

The storage space in the fridge and freezer are a factor in our variety of available ingredients also. Kris' mother gave us a great recipe for homemade sherbet. We had been making it at home for months. We have found that by cutting the recipe in half we can make it in the available size containers we have and we can then transfer the liquid to small plastic containers to create single servings that fit nicely into the freezer.

Kris had been experimenting and researching one pot/pan meals for several months before we left. We definitely came up with some favorites. I just hope we can find more Orzo when our supply runs out! Just before we left we asked several of our friends if they had any one pot, stovetop meals they liked. Our friend Illana gave us several that we have now tried - the stuffed chicken was great.

I never cease to be amazed at my wonderful wife's abilities. We stopped for lunch at a picnic ground and the leftover southwest fish stew we were reheating were a bit spicy. Kris asked if I wanted some coleslaw with the meal. She chopped some cabbage, added some honey, apple, yogurt, mayonnaise, vinegar, and tossed. Yum Yum.

Anyone have a favorite one pot/pan stovetop meal for two they would like to share?

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