Friday, June 5, 2009

Ready to Kayak

As we were in the final planning stages for this Canada/Alaska adventure, we wanted to be able to go out on the water in the places we would be camping, particularly after looking at the map of British Columbia and seeing all those lakes! With our limited amount of space, we decided an inflatable kayak would best suit our needs. We settled on a convertible kayak from Advanced Elements. The kayak can be used as a single or a double kayak, depending on which deck is used. It's worked pretty well so far, although it takes some care making sure everything is aligned while inflating it if we want to track straight. What's even more amazing is how much equipment actually fits in our kayak box.
Be sure to check out the link to "Our Spot Locator Page" in the upper right hand corner of out blog. We have a Spot Satellite Messenger and have been using it to track our progress and stay in touch when we don't have internet service. The page shows the the last seven days of messages, and using Google Maps, you can see where we were at the time the message was sent. For the Spot links that seem to be in the middle of the lake - that is because we were kayaking at the time we sent the signal.

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