Sunday, June 7, 2009

Icefields Parkway

Highway 93, the Icefields Parkway, runs from Lake Louise in Banff National Park to Jasper townsite, and in between it passes 7 icefields and many smaller glaciers. When we bought our National park pass, and mentioned we were planning to drive north to Jasper, we were handed a little brochure that described the Icefields Parkway as the most beautiful road in the world. I didn't think much of it, and then we actually drove it. It seemed every few minutes there was another spectacular vista and Cheri and I were both saying "wow", until Cheri finally said her wow-meter was stuck at 12. I don't think the pictures we took do the place justice. If you like snow capped mountains, this drive is a "must see" trip!

Hector Lake, still covered in ice.

Peyto Lake, also ice covered, but showing an impossible turquoise blue around the edges.

Looking south from a pullout below Sunwapta pass.

The Athabasca glacier, which is one little tongue of the enormous Columbia icefield.

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