Sunday, June 28, 2009

Internet Service

Internet service so far in Alaska has been spotty at best. Here in Haines we happened on a hotspot while doing laundry. Although we had to pay for the service we are balancing the computer on the back of the couch to keep the connection. We spent a day catching up on our computer downloads awhile back - downloading our video and photos. We couldn't figure out why we were draining the battery so quickly, until we figured out we forgot to turn the fridge over to propane. We haven't been doing much computer stuff since then - too busy kayaking and hiking. Kris is working on downloading a couple of pictures to add before we lose this connection. I have saved this post to send on Sunday - we will be on our first ferry ride on the Alaskan Marine Highway! I am so excited! We are trying to send a "Spot" signal from each location we stay in. We also try to send from interesting places along the way. Be sure to check the Spot Locator Tab on the upper left corner of the blog.

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