Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cribbage and lupines

When getting advice about how to deal with mosquitoes while camping - often I hear "Bring along someone the mosquitoes like better." Well, what do you do when YOU are that person? Cheri is a great mosquito attractor!

On our way north from Whitehorse we stopped at Moose Creek territorial campground. The lupines were in full bloom all around the campground, but the mosquitoes were out in force, and birds have been few and far between. Cheri even pulled out her bug hat. For those of you who play cribbage, she is displaying a wicked 28 point hand. She's skunked me twice in the last few weeks.

(Kris forgot to tell you - I didn't get to count that wicked 28 because she went out -won the game- before I got to count my hand ! ! )

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