Monday, June 1, 2009

Second Weekend

From Revelstoke we passed through Glacier National Park. Entering the Canadian Rockies, we were surrounded by snow capped mountains all day. We camped at the city of Golden Municipal Campground Friday night. The campground was tucked into a corner of town with the Columbia River on one side and the city swimming pool and High School on the other. We had a nice walk along the river.

We then drove fifty some miles to our next camp site at Kicking Falls Campground in Yoho National Park. We found a campsite right next to the river again. There is something to be said for arriving early, claiming a campsite and then go off exploring. By the time we got back the campground was about 3/4 filled. We explored Wapto Falls and Emerald Lake. Kris called in several swarms of warblers as we walked around the lake, including MacGillivary's and Townsends warblers.

The next day we drove about sixty miles stopping at Lake Louise then on to Banff National Park. At the last minute Kris saw an entry for Two Jack Campground, so we are camping in the forest instead of next to town. We again arrived early and got (in our opinion) the best campsite in the campground. We are right next to the lake and we launched the kayak just from our own site. Follow the large snow patch on this mountain down into the trees and there is our camp. You can almost see us . . .

We saw our first large mammals today. While we were driving on the Highway we saw a black bear up on the railroad tracks and later a caribou grazing on the side of the road. While we were driving to our campsite we had to stop on the road as big horned sheep crossed in front of us. Later as we were kayaking we were able to get several pictures of the same herd from the lake.

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