Friday, June 26, 2009

some pictures to share

We haven't had much time to play with the computers and go through all the pictures recently, but here's a few from the last week or so.

This mamma Scaup and her 10 ducklings hung out right in front of our campsite at Deadman Lake, where we had some nice paddling and saw Sandhill Cranes and Pacific Loons. Watching the ducklings try to dive was very amusing, they're so bouyant they pop right back up to the surface.

Another campground picture, this is Million Dollar Falls on the Haines Highway.

The road from Haines Junction to Haines was really spectacular. This is near the summit.

The town of Haines is surrounded by impossibly beautiful scenery.

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maggietext said...

Wow. I am just now (embarrassed, but hey) looking through your blog. It's beautiful, and I am so grateful that you are posting! I also told folks at NBRC about it on our website. Keep it up!